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When most children grow up as a fan of a certain sport, or many sports, they often imagine themselves one day getting drafted by their favourite team or by any team in the league of their choice. They imagine themselves as the hero of the city, bringing a championship to fans that were in desperate need and become that positive role model for the children that admired them. For Tim Tebow, things were a little different growing up.

Born to Pamela and Robert Tebow, Tim almost didn’t make it into the world as his mother Pam suffered a life-threatening infection with a pathogenic amoeba while pregnant. Due to the drugs used to rouse her from a coma and to treat her dysentery, the fetus experienced a severe placental abruption so the doctor recommended an abortion to protect her life in case of a stillbirth. His mother ignored the doctor’s opinion of the abortion and went through with the birth.

With both his parents serving as Christian Baptist missionaries in the Philippines at the time of his birth, it’s pretty obvious where he gets his generosity from. Tim has always lived with a ‘put others first’ attitude and has always devoted his time to those less fortunate. The native of Makati City in the Philippines and the youngest of five children was home-schooled, along with his other siblings, by their mother who did her best to instill the family’s Christian beliefs along the way.

Residing in Jacksonville, Florida, Tim Tebow found it hard to get on a football team since he didn’t attend school. He started off attending Trinity Christian Academy for one year where he made appearances at tight end and linebacker. With the school being more of a rushing team and Tim’s desire to play quarterback, his mother moved with him to an apartment in a different county so he could legally get the right playing time on the right team. Playing quarterback at Nease High School would be the beginning of something special for Tebow. He would go on to be named Florida’s Player of the Year, Player of the Year in his senior year, as well as Florida’s Mr. Football. Despite being in the spotlight for his football talent, Tim returned every summer to the Philippines with his father prior to college to help out with his father’s orphanage and missionary work.

The two schools Tebow was looking at after high school was the University of Florida and the University of Alabama. Since he grew up in Jacksonville and both of his parents attended and met at the University of Florida, Tebow decided to go with them for his college career. He received an athletic scholarship to attend the school since he was one of the most sought out quarterback prospects in the nation. At the University of Florida he would go on to build a reputation for himself as a player who never gave up and would always do what it took to help the team win. He left the school with a Heisman Trophy, Manning Award, William V. Campbell Trophy, two Maxwell Awards, two SEC Championships, two BCS National Championships, two ESPY Awards for Best Male College Athlete, the Disney Spirit Award, was named Sports Illustrated’s College Football Player of the Decade and many, many more awards and honors were awarded to him throughout the years. He finished his college career with 9,285 throwing yards and 88 touchdown passes as well as rushing for 2,947 yards and scoring 57 touchdowns of his own.

While playing at the University of Florida, Tim Tebow wanted to create a foundation of his own so he could follow in father’s footsteps. Since it was against NCAA rules for a college student to have their own foundation, Tim and several other UF students launched First and 15 under the auspices of the Office of Student Government and with NCAA approval. The program has helped many disadvantaged children over the years and has paved the way for many more programs at the University of Florida.

Shortly after his time with the UF Gators was done, Tebow started up the Tim Tebow Foundation almost immediately in January, 2010. As one of the bigger names and more impressive players entering the draft, Tim was supposed to be selected within the first couple of picks in the draft but dropped to the 25th slot where the Denver Broncos selected him. Before he even showed up to training camp, let alone put on his first NFL jersey, Tebow was ready to give back to those in need and already was. He has taken full advantage of his name and skills as he inspires others and helps make a difference in peoples lives throughout the world. The Tim Tebow Foundation does work in many places such as Gainesville, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles, California; Denver, Colorado; Thailand and the Philippines. He recently teamed up with Furniture Row’s Denver Mattress Company to raise $200,000 to help support orphanage services like his father. He is a follower of God and tries to show children everywhere around the world that a little faith, hard work and giving back to others in need can get you somewhere in life.

If you spend most of your life dedicated to helping those who really need it, something good is bound to come your way one day. Tim Tebow’s high school and college careers were impressive to say the least, but now he’s on the big stage. He’s only started three career games to date but you have to start small and build your way up. With the NFL Lockout now over, Tim Tebow is more ready than ever. He was the first Bronco to show up to the team’s training facility and reports everywhere are talking about how he is going to be the starter for the Denver Broncos this upcoming season. He has a relentless attitude and mindset so it’s going to take more than a little nagging injury to keep him off the field this year and for many years to come.

He has brought light to so many people around the world who live in the dark and has helped show them the way of God. He has always put the kids first because he understands how important a second chance is in life. Here’s a guy whose mother was told to have an abortion because they both wouldn’t make it. Now, he’s not only in the NFL, but he’s known worldwide for his charitable efforts he has been putting forth since he was younger.

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