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For the last 15 years Steve Nash has been as relevant to the NBA as any other top superstar in the league. A two-time MVP, regarded as the ninth best point guard in NBA history by ESPN, and one of the best three point shooters in the game; Nash has earned his share of respect in the basketball world. His status amongst the leagues elite has given him the ability to give back to multiple charities and produce one of his own.

The Steve Nash Foundation was formed in 2001 aiming to promote health in kids by funding projects and events that provide services to children affected by poverty, neglect or abuse. Through basketball and his love for soccer, Steve connects with the youth in a fun and interactive way by hosting annual tournaments in different cities such as the ‘Show Down’. The Steve Nash Foundation reaches out to youth across North America and also does work in Paraguay, seeking solutions to community needs through their own projects to address critical health and educational needs throughout the region.

Steve not only focuses on the development of the children he helps, but he also shines light on the environment and shows ways to preserve and enjoy Mother Nature.  He also encourages his fans to get in on the action through the 13 Club; a group that utilizes Steve’s assists throughout the NBA season by supporters donating a certain amount per assist.

Throughout his hard work outside of the basketball court, Steve has been recognized time after time for his charitable efforts in the community. In 2006 TIME Magazine named him as one of the 100 most influential people, and was praised by former NBA great Charles Barkley for his unselfishness on the basketball court and being “just a nice guy” because he had paid for a new Pediatric Cardiology Ward in a Paraguayan hospital. In 2007, Nash would receive Canada’s highest civilian honour, the Order of Canada, it was later announced that in 2008 he would be honoured on Canada’s Walk of Fame. The following year Steve would receive an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree by the University of Victoria.

Steve Nash is respected all through the NBA and in communities all around. He gives kids a chance to forget about whatever it is they may be going through and just think about playing the sports that they love while enjoying all nature has to offer. A true athlete and a true hero, he has made a difference to so many people and he will always be an icon because of it.

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