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To hold a place in the National Football League as a star quarterback takes patience, resilience, teamwork and a great deal of leadership. Easily one of the most pressure filled positions in professional sports, and one of, if not the most important key to winning in the NFL; a quarterback must insure trust and composure within his teammates while allowing them to play with confidence and focus solely on their roles within the team. For New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, all of these components are an everyday routine and something of a second nature for the two-time NFC MVP and one-time Super Bowl Champion.

Brees, who came to New Orleans in March of 2006, made an immediate impact on not only the Saints organization but also the community surrounding the team. The season prior to his arrival was disastrous, not only because of the Saints dismal 3-13 record, but the tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.  Through the Brees Dream Foundation, which was started in 2003; Drew immediately became involved in Hurricane Katrina recovery and in 2007 announced a partnership with Operation Kids in an attempt to rebuild and recreate academic facilities as well as parks, playgrounds, athletic centers, after school and mentoring programs. By revitalizing and restoring child care projects and facilities in New Orleans, Brees instantly became a fan favourite and hero amongst Saints fans; not to mention the on field turn around leading the Saints to a 10-6 record and winning the NFC South Division title.

Throughout his career in the NFL, Brees has never shied away from public appearances for the benefit of others. His foundation was created only two years after his first NFL start and he has worked with multiple companies serving in public service announcements that relate to charity and community improvement. The Brees Dream Foundation was created to advance cancer research and provide care and opportunity for children in need. To date, the foundation has committed and contributed almost $6 million to academic institutions and has participated in a wide spread of charitable causes in areas such as New Orleans and San Diego.

Outside of work within his foundation, Brees has used his status to raise awareness for social issues such as bullying; appearing in an anti-bullying commercial urging today’s youth to take a stand and stop bullying. In wake of the 2010 BP oil spill, Brees, alongside the likes of Sandra Bullock, Eli and Peyton Manning and a long list of actors and celebrities, appeared in a public service announcement to raise awareness of the spill and relief efforts.

During the 2009-10 season, Brees led his Saints to their first ever Super Bowl Championship in franchise history beating the favoured Indianapolis Colts. The win was huge for a city that faced so much adversity and pain but now they had a reason to cheer and celebrate. Drew Brees continues to be a favourite amongst not only those in New Orleans and those down south, but for all football fans alike. His charisma and passion on the field is equally matched within the community. Through the admiration and love he receives from the thousands of kids assisted through his programs, to the numerous community service awards for his work and commitment to improving the lives of others; there is no question that Drew Brees has more than what it takes to be a great quarterback in the NFL.

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