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During the course of the season players are busy focusing on their game and improving anything that needs to be fixed. Many would think that many players, superstar status or not, are too busy throughout the season to make appearances in the community or to spend time with the fans; but they’re wrong.

On Wednesday, January 9, 2013, LeBron James received a request from a fan on his Facebook page. In the post, Lindsey Peterson asked LeBron James if he would be able to meet her best friend Joey Anderson who was battling brain cancer and was going to be in attendance Thursday for the Heat’s game in Portland. She mentioned in the post that his dream before he passes away is to watch LeBron James and the Miami Heat play live. She knew it was a long shot but figured there was no harm in trying, especially for one of her dearest friends.

Well, LeBron James saw the post and made Joey’s dream a reality.

LeBron took some time after the Heat’s loss in Portland to meet Joey, but he didn’t show up alone. Accompanying LeBron was his teammate and two-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade. The two signed autographs for Joey and took photos with him after the game and spent some time with the dedicated Heat fan.

The post received a lot of positive feedback online and Lindsey was able to make a difference in her best friend’s life. What she did for her friend is very admirable and for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to respond to the comment and take action, it is something that you admire from a fan’s perspective.

Acts like this remind us that professional athletes are regular people just like the rest of us. Some would think that guys like LeBron James, who are adored worldwide, can’t even run their social media pages half of the time because of their busy schedules, but after something like this it is evident that no matter how big their names are they still take the time to listen to their fans and read what they have to say. The players mean a lot to the fans and the fans mean just as much, if not more, to the players.

Fan of the Miami Heat or not, it is hard not to appreciate what LeBron James and Dwyane Wade did to put a smile on Joey’s face, especially after a tough loss on the road.


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