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It is human nature to possess the desire to feel loved, nurtured and respected by our peers within society. For many, the little things in life can go a long way in solidifying a loved one’s importance and our appreciation for their impact on our lives. For Markham, Ontario native and WNBA All-Star Tammy Sutton-Brown, the little things are what matter most in empowering women and children that way it allows them to become productive within society and most importantly their own lives.

Tammy was drafted in the first round, 18th overall by the Charlotte Sting in the 2001 WNBA Draft; making her only the second Canadian born player in league history. She quickly became a key member to the team, becoming the Stings all-time leader in blocks in 2004 and became only the 10th player to achieve 200 blocks in 2006. Only one year after being drafted she was selected for the 2002 WNBA All-Star Game, making her the first Canadian to participate in a WNBA All-Star Game. She is also only the 5th WNBA player to reach 3000 points, 1500 rebounds and 400 blocks and has represented Canada in the Olympics. While in high school, she was rated the top Canadian female basketball prospect by the Toronto Star.  Her dominance on the court has made her a highly scouted center and has led multiple teams throughout her high school, college and professional career to successful seasons and achievements.

Although she is constantly busy with the demands of her basketball schedule between the WNBA season and her career over seas, Tammy Sutton-Brown continuously makes time to give back to women and children and provides them with care and appreciation. The Tammy Sutton-Brown Foundation is dedicated to the empowerment of women and provides hard working or down on their luck women with a chance to be pampered and treated to a day at the spa to help take their mind off the everyday problems they may face. These little, but very effective opportunities, are essential to increasing the morale and self-worth of many individuals.

The Foundation also focuses on the self-awareness and appreciation of young girls who may face difficult circumstances in day-to-day life such as bullying to self-esteem issues. It is easy to plague the young minds of children who are unable to realize and understand the reasons and motives behind issues such as bullying but the Tammy Sutton-Brown Foundation gives many young ladies a chance to recover and feel appreciated and important in the eyes of their peers.

Tammy Sutton-Brown has also been known for helping out various charities and colleagues who conduct similar programs or give back to the community in any way, shape or form. Her selflessness and desire to inspire and motivate all women within society who may be dealing with homelessness, drug abuse or domestic abuse, is definitely an admirable characteristic and a good and positive message for not only young females, but for all of today’s youth.

To learn more about the Tammy Sutton-Brown Foundation and Tammy’s philanthropic ventures, visit

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