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When most people hear the term breast cancer, they suddenly envision the fact that only women can be affected by the disease. Most times, they aren’t even aware about the risk of breast cancer in men and many believe it is impossible.  As the Adidas ads have taught us; impossible is nothing.

Kurt Coleman, a safety for the Philadelphia Eagles and a former member of the Ohio State Buckeyes, understands the possibility of breast cancer affecting anyone. His father, Ron Coleman, was diagnosed with the disease approximately four years ago and has lived to tell the tale and help raise awareness everywhere. Although the disease does not affect men as much as it does women, nearly 2,000 new cases will be diagnosed each year – and that’s only 1% of the disease.

For the second straight year, Ron Coleman is running in the Komen Columbus Race for the Cure, a race that was created to help put a stop to breast cancer; which also hosts different types of events throughout the day to help raise awareness for the disease. Aside from running in the race, Ron Coleman has also created a website,, which helps raise the awareness for not only what breast cancer can do to you, but what you can do to stop it with early detection, being aware and having support.

Four years ago there were not many resources for men to look to in order for them to find out about breast cancer in males. Now, Ron Coleman has paved the way for men everywhere to stand up to breast cancer and realize you have the fight in you to conquer it. Ron’s son, Kurt Coleman, is teaming up with Donald Washington of the Kansas City Chiefs for “A Night with the Pros” to help spread the awareness of breast cancer affecting males and what we can and have to do to help prevent it in the future.

“My dad is definitely my hero and he’s always supported us.” said Coleman in a statement. “After the diagnosis, we rallied around him and joined in his mission to spread the word. We’re excited about the 2011 Race for the Cure and hopeful that we will meet our goal and help make a difference.”

This year the Coleman’s are are planning on doubling what they raised last year and are hoping to donate a grand total of $10,000 at this year’s event. The team that featured 20 participants last year is now up to nearly 100 participants. They are using their Twitter and Facebook accounts to help raise awareness on the event itself and are hoping that if it doesn’t bring in more runners, it at least brings in more donations for the cause that way breast cancer in general can become extinct.


For more information on Coleman4acure, visit

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For more information on breast cancer in men, visit


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