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There has been a growing concern over the last decade or so regarding the state of minor hockey throughout Canada. For years now, the argument that the game has become far too expensive and its lack of accessibility for essentials such as proper ice time has been the topic of discussion for those who love the game. Many middle to lower-class families struggle to put their children through hockey; a sad reality that has seen participation numbers in the game decrease over the last number of years. With more essential members of the hockey community taking notice to the significant decrease in numbers, actions are beginning to take place through charity fundraisers and hockey donation drives.

Former Calgary Flames first round draft pick and Canadian silver medalist, Daniel Tkaczuk, is taking a different approach to the problem. Tkaczuk is the Founder and President of iHockey Trainer; an online hockey development program that caters middle to lower-class families that don’t have the expendable time and money for elaborate training camps. The goal is to also focus on players who may not have the accessibility to the best trainers and facilities that many big city players have.

“If you look at the players that are coming out and succeeding right now, they almost have a distinct advantage because of where they live geographically and their economical social standing,” says Tkaczuk.

iHockey Trainer uses the Internet as its bare minimum requirement for players to receive top-level training and skill tips. The importance of a live trainer and face time will always be a key component in hockey development, but iHockey Trainer provides ways to improve without having to expend extra household income or valuable time. The sites daily video updates cover all aspects of the game while providing essential tips and strategy to becoming a better player.

“What we’re trying to do is show that there are ways for players, no matter where they are, they can improve their skills on a personal basis,” added Tkaczuk.

Unlike many hockey programs and schools, iHockey Trainer gives players the opportunity to train and work at whichever point of the day works best for them. Its constant stream of updates provides lasting effects shown 365 days of the year and serves as a recourse for coaches and parents who want to be involved with their child’s development.

The game of hockey has changed drastically over the last 10- 15 years. Players are bigger, stronger and faster than they have ever been. Equipment and ice time is more expensive than its ever been and the cost to play in organized leagues is sky rocketing. Hockey is Canada’s national pride and joy but without proper funding and the prices being at a high, it is almost impossible for many Canadian youth to participate in the game we love.

“We need to find ways to make hockey more affordable, we’re losing a lot of good kids because it’s not affordable” Tkaczuk expressed.

iHockey Trainer operates every day of the year and is one of a few hockey assistance programs that began looking out for the parents as well as the player.

To learn more about iHockey Trainer and Daniel Tkaczuk, visit

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